Indigo Design System v1.2.0


The USAC logo is designed to have longevity, reinforce the brand’s attributes, and be memorable.


The USAC logo brings cohesiveness across all USAC’s products and platforms. It helps establish trust and stability as user’s navigate through our digital experience.

Logo Variations

Use the elements of the logo individually or in the lockups provided. Always use RGB logo variations in online tools and applications.


The horizontal orientation of the logo should be the go-to representation of our mark and used wherever possible. When the layout or design does not allow, use variations.

USAC horizontal logo


Use the vertical orientation of our logo for badges or where space does not allow for the width of the horizontal logo.

USAC vertical logo


Use the white logo with dark backgrounds or against dark images. Refer to image overlays for more details.

USAC white logo

Motif Only

Use the motif for favicons, or if the vertical version of the logo is too small to clearly read the text.

USAC motif logo

Text Only

Use the text only logo when working on designs where space is limited, or when the motif + text version of the logo is too small to clearly read the text.

USAC text only logo

Whitespace & Alignment

When using the logo with other graphic elements or near the edge of a page, be sure to allow enough white space around the mark.


The empty space around the logo should be at least 120% of the width and height of the logo.


When aligning content to the logo, align it with the first vertical plane of the logo, not the horizontal plane that hangs to the left. Or, align the content with the start of the text in the logo.

USAC logo alignment image

Image Overlays

When using the logo on top of an image, consider legibility. Place the logo over areas of the image that do not have a lot of color or design elements that could make it difficult to read.

USAC logo overlays image

Common Mistakes

warning Don't

Avoid these common mistakes when working with the logo.

  • Don't apply outlines.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't add drop shadows.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't merge the planes of the motif.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't change orientation of elements.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't stretch or skew.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't create alternative log lockups.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't use old logos.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't lock up our logo with other pharases.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't apply against busy background images.
Logo Don'ts
  • Don't rotate the lockup or motif.
Logo Don'ts