Indigo Design System v1.2.0

Feedback & Requests

Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Indigo is treated like another USAC product with a roadmap and release schedule. We intend to continuously improve and evolve it as new needs emerge across the organization. There’s a team actively managing and prioritizing what gets added and how to enhance and evolve the parts that are included in Indigo over time.

Don’t see something you need? Make a Request

There may be a visual style, component, component variation, or something else that you’d like to see added to Indigo.

We encourage you to propose new features by emailing us with the following information:

  • Item(s) Name
  • Description
  • Targeted Product or Web site (eg, HUBB, 499, RHC, etc.)
  • Screenshots, images, or reference visuals, if available.

The Indigo team will review your request, reach out if there are any questions or clarifications, and ultimately add it to the Indigo Project Backlog external-link in JIRA.

Contact the Team

Send your requests, feedback, and questions to us at